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  Gujarat Informatics Limited

Block No. 2, 2nd Floor,
C & D Wing, Karmayogi Bhavan
Sector - 10 A, Gandhinagar - 382010
  Phone: 91-79-23256022
  Fax: 91-79-23238925

Area of Influence
Chairman Shri Dhananjay Dwivedi, IAS
Managing Director Shri Dhananjay Dwivedi, IAS (I/C)
DGM (Application Development)

Nitin Tatu

All issues related to Software TSP, Software Projects and Training on Department specific applications and Common Modules. eGovernance Cell-Departmental Websites, , GoG Portal. Business Development: To coordinate take care of the front ending while leveraging the core work areas of other directors ( H&N, S&A, IT A &P). Policy Issues: Coordinate and provide inputs for policy related issues. All issues related to specific Projects.
Deputy General Manager (Tech.) Vivek Upadhyay All issues related to FM and Infocity Project
Accounts Officer

Rakesh Amin

All issues related to Secretarial Functions, Finance, Accounts, Audit and Taxation related Fuctions etc.
(I/C) General Manager (Services) Rakesh Amin

All issues related to Administration Functions & Promotional Activities.