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1 Bid for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Servers, Routers, Switches, UPS and various peripherals on behalf of GUJSAIL, Ahmedabad for the period of 3 years (GeM bid no. GEM/2023/B/3976642 dated 26.09.2023)  17/10/2023 13:00:0017/10/2023 13:30:00 Click
2 Request for proposal (RFP) for Selection of Agency for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and warranty support of video surveillance system at various sub-registrar office on behalf of office of the Inspector General of Registration & Superintendent of Stamps. GeM Tender No. GEM/2023/B/4006292 dated 26-09-2023. 06/10/2023 15:00:0017/10/2023 15:00:0017/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
3 Bid for Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of 03 nos. of VC Solution for the Hon’ble Ministers of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Co-operation Department. (GeM Bid No. GEM/2023/B/3884115 dated 21.09.2023)  12/10/2023 19:00:0012/10/2023 19:30:00 Click
4 Bid for 320 nos. of Headset for 108 GVK Emergency Management and Research Institute, Ahmedabad. (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3826679 dated 14.8.2023) (Date Extended)  28/09/2023 12:00:0028/09/2023 12:30:00 Click
5 Request for proposal (RFP) for Selection of Implementing Agency for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and 5 years warranty support of CCTV Video Surveillance System at various District Sainik Welfare & Resettlement office and Directorate of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement, Ahmedabad. GeM Tender No. GEM/2023/B/3976576 dated 21-09-2023.  12/10/2023 15:00:0012/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
6 Bid for Procurement of Object storage with 5 PB usable Space in a three-site configuration (i.e., GSDC Gandhinagar, Near-DR Vadodara, Far-DR Bhubaneshwar) on Behalf of Department of Science and Technology. (GeM bid no. GEM/2023/B/3972430 dated 20.09.2023) 30/09/2023 15:00:0011/10/2023 15:00:0011/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
7 Bid for Digital Monitoring of Agriculture, Crop Acreage and Production Estimation for Gujarat State Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Other Technologies on behalf of Directorate of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Farmers welfare and co-operation, Government of Gujarat (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3942765 Dated:14-09-2023) 20/09/2023 12:00:0005/10/2023 17:00:0005/10/2023 17:30:00 Click
8 Tender for Selection of Agency for 3D LiDAR Scanning of Shri Dwarkadhish Temple, Shri Arasuri Ambaji Temple and Shri Shamlaji Temple & Development of Relevant Promotional Content on behalf of Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board, Gandhinagar (Tender No. HWT180923218) 29/09/2023 15:00:0012/10/2023 15:00:0012/10/2023 16:00:00 Click
9 Bid for purchase of purchase of 5754 hardware kit (comprising of desktop, Web cam, Multifunctional printer, barcode scanner, online UPS, Physical VPN Device) for Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) within the state of Gujarat on behalf of Registrar of Co-Operative Societies, Gandhinagar on GeM portal. (Bid no. GEM/2023/B/3971071 dated 16.09.2023) 25/09/2023 15:00:0009/10/2023 15:00:0009/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
10 Bid for purchase of 3 no. HP All in one desktops on behalf of Gujarat Legislative Secretariat floated on GeM portal. (Bid no. GEM/2023/B/3966084 dated 16.09.2023)  30/09/2023 15:00:0030/09/2023 15:30:00 Click
11 Bid for purchase of 18 high-speed scanners for the Directorate of SAINIK WELFARE AND RESETTLEMENT OFFICE GAURAV SENANI KUMAR BHAVAN, AHMEDABAD, Gujarat. (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3859581 Dated 15-09-2023)  05/10/2023 18:00:0005/10/2023 18:30:00 Click
12 Bid for Design, Development and Maintenance of Website of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department and it’s six HoD’s (GeM bid no. GEM/2023/B/3946344 dated 15.09.2023) 22/09/2023 15:00:0007/10/2023 15:00:0007/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
13 Bid for Selection of Agencies for “Establishment and Running of Electronic Registration Center” for 287 SR offices across Gujarat State on behalf of Inspector General of Registration, Gandhinagar (Tender No. SWT190823217) (Responses to pre-bid queries has been uploaded )(Date Extended) 31/08/2023 15:00:0021/09/2023 15:00:0021/09/2023 16:00:00 Click
14 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Agency for Supply, Installation and Commissioning to upgrade backhaul network for Gujarat Fibre Grid Network Limited, Dept. of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat-Gem Bid No: GEM/2023/B/3954530 Dated: 13-09-2023  16/10/2023 14:00:0016/10/2023 14:30:00 Click
15 Bid for 124 nos. Microsoft Office Suite software for the Chief Town Planner, Town Planning and Valuation Department, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar - 382 010. (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3948218 dated 14.09.2023)  05/10/2023 15:00:0005/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
16 Bid for CAMC of Servers and other peripherals for Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Education Department, Government of Gujarat: (GeM bid no. GEM/2023/B/3888742 dated 13.09.2023)  04/10/2023 15:00:0004/10/2023 15:30:00 Click
17 Tender for Selection of Chatered Accountant Firm for Preparation of Annual Accounts for FY: 2019-20 to 2021-22 (GEM/2023/B/3945952 dtd 12/09/2023)  22/09/2023 13:00:0022/09/2023 13:30:00 Click
18 Bid for 305 nos. of Anti-Virus license software Server and Client Console based with 3 - years subscription through GeM portal for the office of EMRI Green Health Services of Health Department of GoG. (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3734574 dated 01-08-2023)(Date Extended) (Corrigendum Uploaded)  18/09/2023 15:00:0018/09/2023 15:30:00 Click
19 Bid for the Annual Maintenance Contract of SOUL 2.0 software through the GeM portal for the office of the Director of Economics and Statistics, State of Gujarat, Sector-18, Gandhinagar. (Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3441912 dated 07-06-2023) (Date Extended)  16/09/2023 15:00:0016/09/2023 15:30:00 Click
20 Bid for Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Selection of a System Integrator for implementation (Design, Build, Commission and O&M) of Greenfield State Data Centre(Bid Number: GEM/2022/B/2889326 Dated: 22-12-2022.(Date Extended) 05/01/2023 15:00:0026/09/2023 16:00:0026/09/2023 16:30:00 Click