RTI Proactive Disclosure

(1) Objective

Gujarat Informatics Ltd. (GIL) was established as the nodal agency for IT development in the state in February 1999, by the Government of Gujarat.  The company was started with a clear objective to promote IT and accelerate the process of E- Governance in the state. Along with the announcement of the IT policy, the Government has enabled GIL to effectively implement IT projects in the state. 

The State Government has set up Gujarat Informatics Ltd. with the following main objectives:

  1. To help various players in IT field and in implementing IT Policy.
  2. To select consultants/specialists for providing services to various Government departments/agencies under broad frame work contracts.
  3. To provide input for formulation and review of State Information Technology Policy.
  4. To formulate and implement action plan which would carry out the objectives of State IT Policy.
  5. To promote investment in IT sector.
  6. To provide technical assistance to Govt. organization in IT field.
  7. To be the nodal agency for IT training in Govt.
  8. To help frame guidelines regarding opening of new Govt. affiliated institutes in IT field.
  9. To establish framework contracts with reputed suppliers/consultants/experts to provide a range of IT consultancy and specialists services to the Govt./Govt. agencies.
  10. To put in place policy framework for State information infrastructure and to help create the same.
  11. To promote electronic commerce.
  12. To help promote IT centre in State of Gujarat.


To help improve e-Governance process in the Government by using computing devices, communication systems associated electronics and software to provide better delivery systems to the citizens.

It is very clearly understood that IT is not an end in itself but means to provide better quality of life to the citizens of the State. It does not aim at merely automating existing process but the target is to use IT to improve overall organizational efficiency and pass the benefits to the citizens of the State in terms of services delivered with trasparency, speed and at the doorstep of the citizens.

Starting Hours of the Office:                        10.30 hrs

Closing Hours of the Office:                        18.10 hrs

Recess Hours:                                              14.00 hrs to 14.30 hrs

Except Designated holidays published by the State Government

1 Chairman Powers Duties Full Powers Subject to Direction of the Board and Overall in charge of the Company
2 Managing Director Powers Duties Full Powers for day to day management of the company
3 Deputy General Manager (App.) Powers Duties Matter relating to e-Governance Projects, Total Solution Providers, Special Projects, Software Products and Center of Excellence subject to Directions of the MD and the Board
4 (I/C) General Manager (Services) Powers Duties All issues related to Administration Functions & Promotional Activities.
5 Deputy Director (Account) Powers Duties Full Powers Subject to Direction of the Board and Overall in charge of the Company
6 Deputy General Manager (Tech.) Powers Duties Matters relating to Finance/ Accounts/ Audit and Taxation related Functions.
7 Company Secretary Powers Duties All Company Law matters and legal affairs of the Company

The files are submitted by Executive Assistants/ Executives to the respective DGM (Tech.) and then to the Managing Director.


All files relating to financial matters are routed through Deputy Director (Account) before submission to the Managing Director.

Instructions, Office Orders issued by the management from time to time and the relevant Govt . Resolutions issued by various Govt. Depts. like Science & Technology Dept , Finance Dept. , General Administration Dept. etc. are followed for Discharge of Functions by the officers and the employees.

Gujarat Informatics Ltd. does not have any direct contact with the public for the present. There is no arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof: Implementation & Formulation of Policy However suggestions are always welcome for overall improvement of the company.

The State Government has appointed the members of the board of directors of the company under whose direction, control and supervision the company functions. The present members of Board of Directors are as under.

Board of Directors
Chairman Shri Vijay Nehra IAS, Secretary-DST
Managing Director Shri Tushar Y. Bhatt, IAS
Directors Shri G. T. Pandya, IAS
Directors Ms. Saidingpuii Chhakchhuak, IAS (Joint Secretary [Budget])
Independent Directors Dr. K.S Dasgupta
Independent Directors Dr. Rajesh.N Patel

Block 2, 2nd floor, C & D Wing, Karmayogi Bhavan
Sector-10A, Gandhinagar- 382 010
Phone : 079-3256022

Fax : 079-23238925

Website: https://gil.gujarat.gov.in
Name of Officers/ Employees  Designation Tel. No. Email ID
Shri Tushar Y. Bhatt, IAS Managing Director 23259222 mdgil@gujarat.gov.in
Shri Vijay Prajapati Deputy Director (Accounts) 23259224 dy-dir-ac@gujarat.gov.in
Prakash R. Dholakia DGM (Tech)(I/C) 23259239 prakashd@gujarat.gov.in
Dr.Vrutik Shah DGM(APP) 23255950 dgmapp-gil@gujarat.gov.in
Shri Prakash Dholakia AGM(GSWAN) 23258692 prakashd@gujarat.gov.in
Vijay Jain AGM (HR/Admin) 23256026 agm-hr@gujarat.gov.in
Dharmishtha Darji Company Secretary(I/C) - -
Ms. Mittal J. Parmar Legal Advisor 23258079 legal-gil@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Amit L. Patel Sr. Manager(GSWAN) 23258155 amitlpatel@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Dhaval Monpara Sr. Manager(GSWAN) 23258154 srmgr-gswan@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Jayendra Patel Manager(E-Gov) 23252324  manager-egov1@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Ankit Suthar Manager(E-Gov) 23252324 manager-egov@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Ishit Khakhkhar Manager (Hardware & Networking) 23258161 mgrhninfra-gil@gujarat.gov.in
Ms. Hetal Mehta Manager (HR& ADMIN) 23258619 manager-hr@gujarat.gov.in
Taansukh Dhaakan Manager Accounts/finance 23258620 Manager-accounts@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Amit Patodia Assistant Manager 23259225 amitp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Vipul Patel Assistant Manager 23259227 vipulp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Archis Gupta Assistant Manager 23257158 ea-snt@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Amit Barot Assistant Manager 23259232 amitb@gujarat.gov.in
Mrs.Upma Bhavsar Assistant Manager 23259999 upmab@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Nikunj Prajapati Assistant Manager 23259231 nikunjp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Dilip Khant Assistant Manager 23259240 dilipk@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Krunal Suthar Assistant Manager 23259225 krunals@gujarat.gov.in
Mrs.Kajal Panchal Assistant Manager 23259226 kajalp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Yatin Bhahmbhatt Assistant Manager 23250038 yatinb@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Manish Darji Assistant Manager 23257049 manishd@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Hiren Patel Assistant Manager 23259237 hirenp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Ajay Prajapati  Assistant Manager 23259227 ajayp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Rohin Kothari Assistant Manager   rohink@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Mehul Panchal Assistant Manager   mehulp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Jasvant Makwana  Assistant Manager - jasvantm@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Jignesh Chauhan Assistant Manager   jigneshc@gujarat.gov.in
Ms. Shubhangi Shah Project Manager 23257945 shubhangis@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Devang Thakkar  Project Manager 23257945 devangt@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Tejas J Gandhi Project Manager 23257401 tejasg@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Hardik Dave Executive 23250038 hardik@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Marmik Gamit Executive 23251191 sm-fcs@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Sanket Prajapati Executive 23259229 sanketp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Jatin D Patel Executive 23251116 jatinp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Shabbir Malvi Executive 23251145 shabbirm@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Paras M Majithia Executive   parasm@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Mahmadfaruk Bhabhor Executive    mohmadfarukb@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Ankit Shah Executive 23255578 ankits1@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Karan Bhavsar Executive   karanb@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Vishal Rana Executive  23250412 vishalr@gujarat.gov.in
Ms. Jignasha S Patel Executive 23250412 jignashap@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Mansurali Batti Executive   mansuralib@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Vikesh Patel Executive 23255578 vikeshp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Shoaib Memon Executive   shoaibm@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Pranav B Patel Executive 23254971 pranavp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Hardik R Patel Executive  23257442 hardikp@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Nihar Chaudhari Executive   sm-sjd@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Nirmalsinh Vaghela Executive   nirrmalv@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Dhaval Soni Executive 23259223 dhavals@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Rajesh Nakarani Executive 23251202 exe-gil-gnr@gujarat.gov.in
Dr. kajal Suthar Executive 23258616 Executive-promotion@gujarat.gov.in
Ms. Shailee Buch Executive HR 23256023 Executive-hr@gujarat.gov.in
Mr.Rajuji Thakor Executive 23254258 sm-gls@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Jignesh G Gandharv Executive    jigneshg@gujarat.gov.in
Ms. Vaishali A Daudia Executive  23250897 vaishalid@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Jigar Vyas Supporting Engineer 23251012 jigarv@gujarat.gov.in
Ms.Hina Rao Recept.& CO 23256022 hinar@gujarat.gov.in
Mr. Mehamud R Jam Driver    
Mr. Mahendra Patel Driver    
Name Officers Designation Pay Scale System of Compensation
Shri Tushar Y. Bhatt, IAS Managing Director 123100 - 215900 Through Bank
Shri Vijay Prajapati Deputy Director (Accounts) 67700 - 208700 Through Bank
Prakash R. Dholakia DGM (Tech)(I/C) 118500-214100 Through Bank
Dr. Vrutik Shah DGM (APP) 78800-209200 Through Bank
Shri Prakash Dholakia AGM(GSWAN) 67700 - 208700 Through Bank
Vijay Jain AGM (HR/Admin) 67700 - 208700 Through Bank
Dharmishtha Darji Company Secretary(I/C) - -
Mr. Ankit Suthar Manager 56100-177500 Through Bank
Mr. Jayendra Patel Manager 56100-177500 Through Bank
Ms.Hetal Mehta Manager(HR& ADMIN) 56100-177500 Through Bank
Ishit Khakhkhar Manager(Hardware & Networking) 56100-177500 Through Bank
Taansukh Dhaakan Manager Accounts 56100-177500 Through Bank
Mr.Amit Patodia Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Vipul Patel Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Archis Gupta Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Amit Barot Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mrs.Upma Bhavsar Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Nikunj Prajapati Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Hardik Dave Executive 29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr.Dilip Khant Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Krunal Suthar Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mrs.Kajal Panchal Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Yatin Bhahmbhatt Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Manish Darji Assistant Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Hiren Patel Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Ajay Prajapati Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Rohin Kothari Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Jasvant Makwana Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Rajuji Thakor Technical Assistant 29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr.Marmik Gamit Executive 29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr.Sanket Prajapati Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Jatin D Patel Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Shabbir Malvi Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Paras M Majithia Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Jignesh G Gandharv Technical Assistant  18000-56900 Through Bank
Ms. Vaishali A Daudia Technical Assistant  18000-56900 Through Bank
Mr.Mahmadfaruk Bhabhor Executive  44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Ankit Shah Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Karan Bhavsar Executive 29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr.Vishal Rana Executive  44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Jignesh Chauhan Executive 29200-92300 Through Bank
Ms.Jignasha S Patel Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Mansurali Batti Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Vikesh Patel Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Shoaib Memon Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Pranav B Patel Executive
Through Bank
Ms.Shubhangi Shah Project Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Devang Thakkar  Project Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Tejas J Gandhi Project Manager 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mrs.Ruchi Bhavsar Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Hardik R Patel Executive  29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr.Jigar Vyas Supporting Engineer 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Nihar Chaudhari Executive 44900-142400 Through Bank
Mr.Nirmalsinh Vaghela Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Dhaval Soni Executive
Through Bank
Mr.Rajesh Nakarani Executive
Through Bank
Dr. kajal Suthar Executive
Through Bank
Ms. Shailee Buch Executive HR 29200-92300 Through Bank
Mr Amit L. Patel Sr. Manager(GSWAN) 56100-177500 Through Bank
Dhaval Monpara Sr. Manager(GSWAN) 56100-177500 Through Bank
Ms.Heena Rao Recept.& CO 21700-69100 Through Bank
Mr. Mehamud R Jam Driver 18000-56900 Through Bank
Mr. Mahendra Patel Driver 18000-56900 Through Bank

Gujarat Informatics Ltd does not have any specific scheme for concession or permits etc.

The information about Gujarat Informatics Ltd. can be accessed through the following websites:-
Company Name Website
Gujarat Informatics Ltd.


  • Notice Board
  • Company’s Website: https://gil.gujarat.gov.in
  • Advertisement in Newspapers
  • E-mail.
  • Exhibition & Seminars
  • IT Events organized by the companies
  • Inspection of Records

Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority:


Public Information Officer (PIO):-

General Manager (services) (I/C) &
Deputy Director (Account)

Gujarat Informatics Ltd,

Block No. 2, 2nd Floor,

C & D Wing, Karmayogi Bhavan,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382 010.

Tel.  079-23259224

Fax. 079-23238925

e-mail: dy-dir-ac@gujarat.gov.in

Appellate Authority:

Managing Director,

Gujarat Informatics Ltd,

Block No. 2, 2nd Floor,

C & D Wing, Karmayogi Bhavan,

Gandhinagar, Gujarat – 382 010.

Tel.  079-23259222

Fax. 079-23238925

e-mail: mdgil@gujarat.gov.in

(1) How to get our Computer Hardware and Networking product registered with GIL/GOG ?

At present computer hardware and networking components are procured through GeM,nprocure ,open tenders for which advertisements are published in various Newspapers and uploaded on websites (https://gil.gujarat.gov.in)

There is no system of product registration with GIL.

(2) I need information about the tenders released by the Gujarat Informatics Ltd. Where can I find them?

Please visit our website https://gil.gujarat.gov.in/tendercms/tenderview.aspx for the latest tender releases of GIL.

(3) What is eGovernance?

e-Governance is to enhance the access & delivery of Government information and services to citizens, business partners, employees, other agencies, and Government entities by using Information & Communication Technology.

(4) What is the scope of e-Governance?

Accountability - To make Government more open and transparent.

Example: publishing council debates and minutes on the web for easy access by public and press;

Transparent and Fair Services Delivery - Automating for efficient interactions with the public and business, and increasing access points. There are powerful anti-corruption opportunities through liberalizing access points.

Example: Electronic exchange of land registry information with land agents and lawyers; making forms and licensing available electronically to avoid trips to government offices with the risk of wasted time and bribes;

Governance - An emerging area where some jurisdictions are experimenting with alternate polling and electoral processes.

Example: some political parties are using telephone automated response systems to vote for leadership candidates;

(5) What is the reach/impact of eGovernance?

The internet is the most powerful and popular means of delivering eGovernance. However, services may also be delivered through: Conventional Telephone - Call centers, automated voice responses, automated notification of events, easily combined with FAX for FAX-on-demand of forms and information; Wireless Digital Telephone and Messaging Technology - Wireless technology offers a cost-effective telecommunication and Internet services to rural areas. FAX - Diversifying delivery channels extends the services to as many citizens as possible. Access can also be expanded creatively; for example, where individual personal computer ownership is low, access to computers may be made available through a coop, community police station, or other group. Use of existing telephone and FAX technology is often a quick solution. Radio - Radio is the most cost-effective communication method in rural community. UNICEF experimented in rural Sri Lanka a Community Radio/Internet Project, where local resource persons translate Internet content to radio program so that local people can have an access to information on the Internet.

(6) How does e-Governance benefit citizens/govt?

The Indian Ministry of IT will soon set the pace for hi-tech governance by developing software to process a wide variety of proposals. Officials at various levels will have to make online decisions on these proposals. Such software will not only get rid of red tape, but will also increase transparency. Files and dossiers will no longer have to move from table to table. No longer will Indian people need to pay endless visits to government offices to get their proposals cleared.

(7) What needs to be done to speed up the pace of e-Governance activities (by Govt/Citizens)?

e-Governance initiatives can be implemented at the central or local government level. In general, coordination will be required to help in the identification of crosscutting issues and the creation of appropriate strategies to address them such strategies should include details of departmental and sector programs to transform their businesses in accordance with an overall eGovernance strategy.