e-Dhara – Land records online

Name of the project:e-Dhara

Department under which the project was taken: Revenue Department, Government of Gujarat


To enable access and maintenance of Village Land Records in an Easy, Transparent and Secure manner.


  • To convert physical Village Land Records into Electronic records.
  • To automate maintenance and updation of Village Land Records in a secure manner.
  • To set up e-Dhara Kendras (e-DKs) for accessing and updating of Land Records in a scalable manner
  • To charge user fee for self sustainable structure.

Project Description

After digitizing all land records, e-Dhara Kendras(e-DK) have been setup at Taluka Mamlatdar offices to take up day to day activities of land records such as mutations and issue of Record of Rights (RoR).  Workflow based software (BhuLekh Soft) has been implemented since 2004-2005.

By Integrating BhuLekh Soft with the e Gram Vishwa Gram (eGVG) project, that provides broadband connectivity through VSAT to village Panchayats, farmers can get RoR copies from the Village Panchayat itself.While Talati / Village Computer Entrepreneur (VCE) posts the request on the RoR portal, Deputy Mamlatdar, (e-DK) would process the RoR and upload it on to the Central server so that the print out is taken at the village. Since Jan 2006, RoR@Village has been operational in 2279 villages of 166 Talukas and the facility has been expanding with the availability of broadband under eGVG project.

BhuLekh Soft has good MIS capabilities. The data can be queried for mutation application, entry status, tenure statistics, land use statistics, land type statistics, tenant details, crop details, irrigation details, the agriculture census and other details. It is also searchable by Khatedar name, khata number, survey number, farm name and so on. FIFO has been introduced on different stages of mutation within Bhulekh Software.

 Benefits Accrued

  • Helped to create an e-Governance environment in rural areas
  • Computerized copies of RoR available to farmers and landowners by paying a nominal fee
  • Workflow established to for mutation request process
  • Created a new source of revenue records, apart from the talati.
  • Led to greater transparency and minimized tampering of land records
  • Helped in land-related litigation cases
  • Used MIS data in land reforms and future planning
  • Now, reducing efforts of other stakeholders to validate and use land records
  • Ease in administration of other land related department like acquisition, grant etc.


  • e-dhara project has been successfully implemented in all 33 Districts, 271 e-Dhara Kendras.
  • RoR@Village has been operational in 33 Districts,almost Villages and is expanding.
  • Any RoR Any where (VF6, 7/12 & VF8A to deliver from any eGram (village) & eDhara(taluka) center)
  • Total RoR (VF6, 7/12 & VF8A ) issued from e-Dhara : 47,60,30,870 & from e-Gram: 13,76,28,422
  • e-Jamin is the new initiative by revenue department for integration of all stake holders with land records and as a starting point, registration is linked with e-Dhara for auto mutation and notice generation after successful agri. Land registration.

Award Received

  • CSI-Nihilent eGovernance Awards 2010-11, Award of Appreciation- Sustainability Award Category.
  • Selected as a second runner-up at CSI-Nihilent Award 2006 under Best e-Governance Project category.
  • RoR@Village has also received Microsoft Award under Service delivery category.