Department under which the project was taken: (n)Code Solutions (A Division of GNFC Ltd.)

Project Vision & Objectives:

One of the prime objectives of the Government is to secure efficiency benefits from the e-enablement of business process. Purchasing is often the area where the greatest savings can be made within any organization. E-enabling Purchasing helps to achieve those savings sooner as well as bringing other benefits such as best practice processes and quality management information. eProcurement project initiated with the vision of achieving above stated goals.

e-Procurement Services:

e-Tendering (Electronic Tendering) is "the electronic publishing, communicating, accessing, receiving and submitting of all tender related information and documentation via the internet, thereby replacing the traditional paper‐based tender processes, and achieving a more efficient and effective business process for all party involved."

EProcurement technology is based on the concepts of e-Commerce and e-Business. It also supports B2B and B2C applications. Each domain is significant to growth of e-Commerce and the eProcurement Portal can be used by individuals, corporate and governments to secure online G2B, G2C, B2B, B2C applications and other online transactions.

(n)Code provides e-Procurement services through its portal www.nprocure.com which facilitates and manages e-tendering and e-auction. The portal hosts, publishes and executes thousands of tenders for all departments of Govt. of Gujarat. The portal is enabled with end to end eProcurement application which handles multi-currency situations, multistage evaluations, reverse and forward auctions, catalogue management and so on. On this e-Procurement platform more than 1, 90,000 tenders have been done leading to savings of crores of rupees to State exchequer.

(n)Code also provides e-Procurement support services in 24 states across India for various projects catered by NICSI.

Benefits to Client / Sector:

Electronic tendering has grown significantly in the international community. Government Sector and private organizations throughout the world have improved the efficiency and transparency of their procurement processes through the use of electronic tendering.

Technical Advantages:

  • Offers multiple procurement services through Single Portal
  • Encryption ensures integrity of the bid as it converts the data in unreadable format.
  • Enhanced transparency implemented using an electronic procurement engine, resulting into establishing trust and integrity to the procurement process
  • Estimated Cost Value (ECV)
  • Exchange and Share Data across the World
  • Works beyond geographical boundaries and time-zone barriers

Commercial Advantages: (To Government / Buyers :)

  • Due to its large geographical reach, increases participation of new vendors / suppliers creating a competitive advantage on procurement
  • Lower vendor development cost as various departments will have new suppliers registered on the web application.
  • Reduces the process cycle time of procurement.
  • Paperless process helps to reduce stationary cost and office administration cost.
  • Online payment gateway facility helps to do the entire process smoothly.
  • Transaction happens in a transparent manner using eProcurement reduces chances of favoritisms, part contract distribution, corruption, misrepresentation etc.

To Suppliers / Contractors:

  • 24 x 7 accessibility enables the vendors to participate in the tender anytime and from anywhere.
  • Increased reach as the supplier has access to all the procurement requests of all the departments on the eProcurement. This leads to reduction in sales and promotion costs for thesupplier
  • Information on all the tenders is available at one place to the suppliers.
  • EProcurement system allows the supplier/contractor to modify his bid even after the bid is submitted online. However, the bid modification facility is available to the supplier/contractor only till the tender bid submission closing time specified by the department.

Projects Implemented :

(n)Code operates the portal www.nprocure.com which hosts, publishes and executes thousands of tenders for all departments of Government of Gujarat like Road & Building, GWSSB, GSRTC, NWR, CMSO, AUDA and many other PSUs like GIL, GIPCL, GMDC, GMB, GUVNL, GACL, SSNNL etc.

Apart from above, (n)Procure portal also provides services to the following clients:

  • Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. (PSPCL)
  • Punjab State Transmission Corporation Ltd. (PSPCL)
  • Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)
  • KrishakBharati Cooperative Limited
  • Kandla Port Trust (KPT)
  • Union Territories Div, Daman and Dadra Nagar Haveli

The portal is enabled with end to end e-procurement application which handles multi currency situations, multistage evaluations, reverse and forward auctions, catalogue management and so on.

(n)Code also provides e-Procurement support services across 24 states of India for NICSI under NeGP scheme projects like – Pradhan MantriSadakGraminYojana, Delhi State eProcurement, DGS&D, NCT, BRO, MMP etc.

Awards & Accolades:

  1. YEAR 2011-12 - CSI-Nihilent Award – Presented to appreciate sustenance of the eProcurement Project
  2. YEAR 2008-09 - National Award for eGovernance Project – Presented by Ministry of Administrative Reforms, Government of India for Exemplary Horizontal Transfer of ICT based Best Practice (Bronze) for eProcurement Project
  3. YEAR 2007 - Government Technology Award - Presented by Public Sector Technology & Management Institute, Singapore for eProcurement project
  4. YEAR 2007 - CSI-Nihilent Award – Presented for best eProcurement Project in eGovernance G2B Category