Gujarat Hospital Management Information System (GHMIS)

Name of the project: Gujarat Hospital Management Information System (GHMIS)

Department under which the project was taken: Department of Health & Family Welfare.


  • To provide efficient and quality health services to the citizens through Medical Colleges Hospital/District Hospitals/Sub District Hospital in the Gujarat.


  • To improve delivery of quality health care services, especially to the poor people in the state.


  • Streamline the operations and improve efficiency in government hospitals
  • Improve patient care
  • Effective administration and control
  • Pro-active monitoring of quality health service indicators
  • Integrated state-level holistic view of the resource utilization


  • Health & Family Welfare and Medical Education Dept., GoG
  • Commissionerate of Health & Family Welfare and Medical Education, GoG
  • Administrative staff and Doctors of the hospitals
  • Citizens (Patients & their relatives)
  • Total Solution Provider (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)

Project Description:

  • The GHMIS project was conceptualized by the department of health & family welfare to ensure the quality health care by IT application in such a manner so as to provide standard clinical & diagnostic tools, hospital management tools and integration of management information at the state level so as to ensure online review & monitoring.
  • The GHMIS has been envisaged to not only help the administrators to have better monitoring and control of the functioning of hospitals across the state using decision support indicators but also assist the doctors and medical staff to improve health services with readily reference patient data, work flow enabled less-paper process and parameterized alarms and triggers during patient treatment cycle.
  • The GHMIS enables monitoring pre-defined health indicators and the embedded exception reporting facilitates decision making by the hospital management and state level administrators for policy and strategic decisions.
  • The GHMIS is state-of the-art healthcare solution to provide better care to patients by addressing all the major functional areas of the hospital & the entire gamut of hospital activities.
  • Each hospital is unique in its requirements and priorities. GHMIS is end- to-end solution to the healthcare industry which offers the flexibility of allowing a hospital to choose from various modules as per the hospital specific needs.
  • One of the major concerns of most hospital s is confidentiality of reports and records. GHMIS provides multiple levels of security in the software, so that data pertaining to various functions of the hospital remains confidential. A role based access control mechanism is deployed for restricting / permitting the form level data access.


The various services provided through GHMIS are as follows:

GHMIS Service



GHMIS has been developed on .NET technology with SQL Server 2005 as backend. The Technology architecture for GHMIS project is as follows:

  • Tier 1 (Presentation Logic): Includes simple controls and user input validation
  • Tier 2 (Application Server): Includes business processes logic and the data access
  • Tier 3 (Data Server): Provides business Data


  1. State Administrators, Medical Superintendents:
  • State-wide holistic view of hospitals’ day-to-day functioning
  • Management Information System & Monitoring of pre-defined health indicators
  • Decision support based on exception reporting using alerts and triggers
  • Monitoring of effectiveness of National Programs and identifying areas of improvements
  1. Doctors and Healthcare staff:
  • Increased efficiency due to easy access to electronic medical records, templates for treatment recording cycle and ICD10 codification support
  • Overall reduced time-to-serve patients along with quality patient care
  • Building knowledge-base for research & development support by individual doctor or organization
  1. Citizens:
  • * Efficient health services at hospitals due to digitized history of records
  • * Reduced per visit time for patients
  • * Standardized charges
  • * Less waiting time
  • * Longer life of patient records
  • * No need to carry bulky files
  • * Online Information about doctors’ availabilit


No. of Users


No. of Modules


Size of Database

15-40GB at each hospital. 419 GB at central server

No. of Non Teaching Hospitals covered


No. of Teaching Hospitals covered


No. of LIVE Hospitals


No. of registrations

Overall Gujarat 9,18,16,451 (Total Out Patient Registration)90,93,945 (Total Indoor Patient Registration)

Average No. of Transactions

66,62,02,736 Total Transactions till date

No. of Users Trained


Awards details

  • EHealth World Awards 2011
  • National Conference on Best Practices in Healthcare Delivery 2011
  • EDGE Award 2010
  • Bronze medal for HMIS National E-governance award (2008-09)
  • Scotch Challenger Award for HMIS (2007-08)
  • CSI Nilihent (Computer Society of India) Award for HMIS (2007-08)