Integrated Workflow & Document Management System (IWDMS) (2.0)

Name of the project: Integrated Workflow & Document Management System (IWDMS)

Department under which the project was taken: Science & Technology Department, GoG


  • To improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Government Administration by automating the government functions and processes.


  • Ensure effective, efficient & transparent administration
  • Create an automated Office Management System
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Enable Prioritization of work
  • Use IT as an enabler to help in daily work
  • Design an efficient workplace
  • Enable Policy Based Processing
  • Provide a mechanism for information and experience sharing
  • Generating effective MIS to aid the senior management
  • Helping in effective collaboration between various personnel


  • Government Employees (Secretariat & HoDs)
  • Government Departments
  • Council of Ministers
  • Citizens
  • Total Solution Provider (Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)

Solution Overview

  • Integrated Workflow and Document Management System (IWDMS) is a multilingual solution developed for automating the functions at all levels of the administrative hierarchy of any Governmental department/office. IWDMS provides Document Management, Workflow Management, Collaborative Environment and Knowledge Management in an integrated fashion and delivers an Electronic Workplace.


Project Description:

    • Government of Gujarat (GoG) wants to use e-Governance as the tool to improve the Accountability, Transparency & Effectiveness in Government administration. The Integrated Workflow and Document Management System (IWDMS) project has been implemented for the same through automating the government functions and processes at all levels of the administrative hierarchy. GoG has given stress to Change Management and Top-down approach for successful implementation of IWDMS project.

    • IWDMS provides Document Management, Workflow Management, Collaborative Environment and Knowledge Management in an integrated fashion and delivers an Electronic Workplace that result in productivity improvement in Government.

  • The project initially covered all employees of the Government of Gujarat at New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar. It is now being extended to the employees of the HoDs of the departments in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. In order to achieve Single File Management System across the state, IWDMS will be extended to all other HoDs in Gujarat in a phased manner. IWDMS has not only helped improve the accountability, transparency and effectiveness but also benefited the citizen's directly through applications such as Grievance Redressal, CM Relief Fund, Surat Disaster Assessment Survey, etc. and benefited the industry through applications such as Investment Monitoring System.


Services Available in IWDMS:

The services available through IWDMS can be divided in to major components as follows:

  • Core Applications
  • Common Applications
  • Departmental Applications (300+)
  • Knowledge Management System
  • File Management System
  • Workflow & Organization Model
  • Security & Access Controls
  • Dashboard
  • MIS

Salient Features

  •   Easy traceability of various documents within and across departments
  •   A single-click facility to send documents including files and correspondences to multiple users
  •   In-built communiqué monitoring system (email communication system)
  •   Built-in Dashboard providing holistic view of work distribution implemented on me and my down-line concept

The major benefits of the project are as follows:

  • Effective, efficient and transparent administration
  • Building a knowledge base consisting of various Circulars, Acts, Precedents, Document, Reports, etc, thus enabling  a robust decision support system
  • Helps decision making through Checklists & Access to Precedent Cases, Acts, Rules, Statutes, etc
  • Collaborative work environment
  • Less Paper office
  • Automates routine tasks – Work flow / Business rules / Processes/ Reports Generation
  • Maintenance of all registers
  • Automatic generation of file number and tracking
  • Work / Task prioritization
  • Standardization of common process
  • Reduced cycle times and dependencies
  • 24*7 access
  • Pictorial dashboard – Provide a holistic status  with drill down facilities
  • Traceability and accountability of actions – Audit trail
  • Electronic personnel register
  • Reminder and notification to officers
  • Provides Interdepartmental interface

Status and Result:

       Present status

  • Integrated Workflow and Document Management System (IWDMS) is implemented across the Government Secretariat, which ensures standardization of application and database. Detailed GAP Analysis has been carried out for all the Government Departments. GR issued for extension of IWDMS implementation for HoDs, Boards and Corporations.

 The coverage and usage for IWDMS as on 31st December, 2019:

No. of Users (Departments + HOD)


No. of core modules


No. of common modules


No. of dept. specific modules


No. of Departments covered


No. of HoDs (Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar) covered


Average No. of Transactions (Daily)

7,000 Approx.

2000+ (Correspondance creation) + 400 (File creation) + 2500(Communique) + 2000 (File / Correspondance / Communique Movement)

7,000 Approx.

Average Usage at Secretariat


No. of DAK inwarded as on 31/12/2019


No. of files created as on 31/12/2019


Knowledge base - No. of GO, GR, Circular, Acts, etc.



  • Skoch Excellance Award For Smart Governance in 2014.
  • IWDMS Project was selected by Public Sector Technology and Management Magazine, Singapore, for Government Technology Award, 2007 in the Connected Government Category.