Web Portal of Home Department

Name of the project: Web Portal of Home Department

Department under which the project was taken: Home Department

Vision and Objective of the Project:

  • To bring the government department closer to the citizens
  • To make the work and procedures of the department speedy and transparent
  • To make all the HoDs far more approachable and accessible to the citizens
  • To provide in-depth information about each office, going much beyond the requirements under the Right to Information Act.
  • To provided public interface to the applications like whom to contact (contact matrix), online complain, report & find missing/ stolen persons/ vehicle/ things, Track FIR status, find police station, Getting Tenant / Servant Registration etc.



  • Citizens: Needs Information, Acts & Rules, GRs, Schemes, forms, Process, Right to Information
  • Government: Needs Act & Rules, GRs, Forms, Status of Application
  • Media: Press notes, Events, News
  • Foreigners: Needs information about Passport, Visa Extension, Tourism



  • Latest technology applied
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Exhaustive database of relevant information
  • Wide range of online e-Services for the Citizens
  • Consistent look & feel, while retaining uniqueness of each site
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Broadcast of events
  • Anytime, from anywhere updating (Decentralized)

Project Description:

A Completely Dynamic (Unicode based) Web-Portal & Websites based on CMS (Content Management System) and having Online Updating Facility, User Interaction to the various Applications and Database, Search Engine enabled features, Online Complain and User Feedback facility. The portal of Home Department – www.home.gujarat.gov.in – covers total 70 individual websites, including that of the Home Department, All its HODs like Anti Corruption Bureau, Prohibition & Excise, IG Prisons etc. and Gujarat Police (DGP, Commissionerate, DSPs, Armed Unit, Training, Human Rights etc.), Port & Transport Department, Commissioner Transport and all RTOs & ARTOs.

The website provides a wide range of relevant information as well of services to the people. It is developed keeping in mind the need of making the work and procedures of the department speedy and transparent. The site also makes all HoDs far more approachable and accessible to the public.


The sites provide a wide range of online services for the citizens which can save their time and money:

  • Lodging e-Complains
  • Search Police station
  • Tracking the FIR Status/ Passport Status
  • Knowing the organizational setup and contacts of Government office and officers
  • News & Events
  • Login as e-citizen and avail more information
  • Getting Tenant / Servant Registration, booking the Police Band
  • Crime Statistics
  • Know your rights,
  • Reporting missing person, mobile and other things
  • Finding details of missing / kidnapped
  • Finding details of missing/ stolen Vehicle
  • Providing feedback
  • Acts & Rules, Do’s & Don’t
  • View various Fee Structure, view various Licensing Process
  • Right to Information
  • Foreigner’s Section
  • Safety Precaution (Road, Fire, War, Quake)
  • Community Policing Suggestions
  • Blog (Open Discussion Forum)


  • The site provides online services to the citizens which can save their time and money
  • The site provides in-depth information about each department, going much beyond the requirements under the Right to Information Act. The information on the site of each department including the history, vision and mission, scope of work, organizations structure, budget allocations, duties and responsibilities, achievements, policies, Acts & Rules and relevant GRs, schemes, forms and complete contact details.
  • User defined admin control panel has been provided to the webmaster/ authorized person for online updation in the website from any where. As the portal is based on CMS (Content Management System), Any content can be added / edited / deleted / updated online.
  • Website administrator can monitor which section of the website is updated and when.
  • Hundreds of citizens logged-in as e-Citizen and availing benefits of online applications.
  • Website is also being updated from police station (bottom) level which provides latest information to the visiting audience.